Emergency Response Team

RVAC Emergency Response Team

RVAC Emergency Response Team (ERT) focuses on serving the entire Burlington County community as a reliable resource for the dispersal of information to our membership, families, and the public.
The purpose of the ERT is to:

  • Increase awareness about emergency preparedness activities
  • Provide structured and systematic training for the membership’s Readiness, Response, and Recovery efforts
  • The Emergency Response Team provides inclusive emergency preparedness presentations through a number of committee campaign activities. This ensures that RVAC is DELTA Ready to respond accordingly in an emergency that may arise during Chapter functions through efficient planning.
    Disasters can strike at any time…It is Imperative to start preparing NOW!

    Resourceful Information:

    Types of Disasters

    Tornados/Severe Storms
    Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Disasters

    ERT Local Partners

    Emergency Management Office
    Police Department
    Fire Department
    Local Emergency Services
    Health Department
    Local Volunteer Organization for Action Disaster (VOAD)
    Humane Society
    Other Local Agencies

    Red Cross Plan & Prepare

    Be Red Cross Ready: Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. Emergency Response Team Post Card.