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Social Action

We have been given the charge to be involved and empowered through affecting change at every governing level. We are committed to identifying and addressing critical issues and legislation that can potentially impact the lives of our members and their communities, such as education, voting rights, and gun violence. Our chapter strongly advocates that the community be knowledgeable and involved in civil rights, as well as national and international issues.
The Social Action committee is responsible for developing and coordinating community programs designed to enhance political awareness and eradicate social inequalities. As they promote leadership, advocacy, and empowerment, to effect social change and public policy, the committee works stimulate interest in social action, educate the chapter and the public on current social and political issues such as Voters’ Rights, Voter Registration, Delta Days, public forums on various topics, and through monthly Social Action Alerts.

Social Action Committee Goals:
  • To keep the community informed of current local and national issues, to be effective citizens and advocates.
  • To encourage political awareness and participation in events, issues and concerns of the African American community.
  • To foster increased elections or appointments of African American women in governmental policy-making positions, nationally and locally.
  • To be knowledgeable of the accomplishments or inaction by local judicial and administrative agencies and officials.

  • Increase your awareness because everyone's vote counts.

    support voter registration at various locations in the Burlington County area

    RVA's Signature Programs:

  • Voters Education
  • Voter Registration Drive and Mobilization
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • County Town Hall Forums